I was born in Virginia in 1992 to a fighter jet mechanic and a nurse technician. I grew up in a suburban neighborhood a half-mile from the Atlantic Ocean. My earliest memories outside of the home are in a Kmart. I enjoyed books, Nintendo, and undersupervised access to the nascent Internet.

By the time I was 17, I focused all my attention on music. When I was 20, while attempting to improve my songwriting, I rediscovered my love of language and writing.

In 2014, I received my BS from Virginia Tech. I moved to Richmond, then Los Angeles two years later, then Norfolk the year after that. In 2019, I returned to Virginia Tech to finish my BA.

I now live in Blacksburg, VA with my girlfriend and our cat. I like literature, playing and accumulating guitars, rock music, modern and contemporary art, sports, politics, and video games. I'm interested in practicing and teaching writing. I think that's the only thing I can do.

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