Saturday Morning

you are waking up at 10 after going to sleep at 3.
today you will simulate what it’s like to be a person.
you will go to the mall without getting stoned first,
that way you will find the returns desk without a problem.
it won’t be uncomfortable for you to talk to anyone.
there won’t be any questions about how you will get there from here
as you are right now. you will be as steady as the google car on fresh pavement.
you won’t be anything but extremely calm because you are laying in bed right now.
you are receiving unsolicited texts from three people that
normally don’t even remember to text you back.
you still feel dissatisfied, but part of you appreciates the effort.
people have busy schedules, and that will be always be true.
when they don’t have schedules, they drink alcohol because they’re at least 21.
one day everyone you know will be 21 or older.
for now you will have to cope with human inconsistency.
you only want to give others what you want them to give to you.

This poem was originally published in print in “In The End Pretty Much Everything Is Mostly Water” magazine, November 2014, Bryan, Texas.
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